My former food story

Everyone has a relationship history with food. This is sometimes referred to as our ‘food story’.

Athene Before and After

My own food story began when I was 11 years old, the year I went on my first diet.  It was the first memory of discomfort in my own skin and not feeling good enough just as I was.

After countless diets and self-abusive cycles over the next 17 years, I finally went on my last diet. At 28, I met an M.D. who uses a holistic and integrative approach to nutrition. He taught me how food can be used as medicine.  Through doing cleanses and eating living foods, food became my healing potion ~ not my poison.  I also learned a very critical piece to ending the emotional eating cycle.  I learned to FEEL my feelings instead of eating them.

Also, because we’re women and we care about stuff like this-my intermintent bouts of eczema, which I had suffered from since the age of 8  completely disappeared and 20 pounds seemed to slip off effortlessly as I learned to eat whole foods that didn’t have a shelf life or a long list of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.  I no longer needed to succumb to the “sugar blues” because I learned ways to satisfy my sweet tooth without compromising my well-being.

Working out became a joyful celebration my body’s vitality and strength, instead of a laborious chore to make amends for the “food sins” of the evening before.   I embraced new ways of moving and discovered through them new ways of feeling good in my body. At last my body felt like an honored home to my spirit ~ instead of my continual adversary.

My journey was far more than an education in nutrition, cleanses, and exercise techniques.  It was more than learning how to get a ‘better’ body.  It was a journey of self-love. An inner, emotional and spiritual journey that involved the discovery of connecting to pleasurable ways of nourishing my well-being and femininity.  So quite naturally, nurturing my clients’ self-love has become an essential part of my health coaching process with women.

Whether you desire a healthier and more beautiful body, happier relationships, fulfilling career, or a deeper spiritual connection to Life ~ all these desires are ‘calls from within’. Trust your desires ~ and allow them be catalysts for change.  Now is the time to free yourself from your food story and to experience fulfilling your ‘personal best’.

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