The success of utilizing affirmations is based on the number of repetitions and the level of commitment to the process. Repeating an affirmation is a way of feeding the subconscious a positive suggestion to enhance wellbeing. It also helps train the mind to see beyond the five senses. You are “seeing” beyond the “reality” of the present circumstances and tapping into your Infinite Potential.

How you think shapes your body.
Your body hears what you think and say about it.
Speak kindly and compassionately for the vehicle that allows you to experience Life on this planet, after all, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

I suggest spending a minimum of 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening repeating out loud any of the following or you’re welcome to create your own. It’s important the affirmations resonate with you so repeat the one(s) that feel good to you.

Another way to add more “juice” to your affirmations is to declare “That I Am!” or “That I Do!” after each one.  Remember affirmations are to be declared out loud and the more feeling you can bring to them, the better!

I am at peace in my body.  That I Am!

I am open to receive Goodness.  That I Do!

You can download the affirmations here.  You can  return to the Immersion homepage here.

• I release the weight that is no longer serving my body temple with ease, joy and Grace.

• I am grateful for the Miracle of my body.

• I commit to an action plan to lead me to my healthiest and most Vibrant self.

• Good health is mine now. I release the past.

• I love my Body.

• I am choosing to eat foods that nourish me.

• I am a clear channel for Spirit.

• My body is a tuning fork for God’s Vibration and I receive direction gratefully.

• I am at peace.

• I release weight easily and joyfully.

• I am Divinely led and inspired.

• God makes a way where there is no way.

• I choose to adopt new ways of thinking that support my Happiness and Success.

• I am empowered by the choices I make.

• I am fully equipped for the Divine Plan of my Life.

• I expect the unexpected, my glorious good now comes to pass.

• I ask for what is mine by Divine Right and under Grace in a perfect way.

• I claim Perfect Health now.

• I release my stress with ease.

• I have the power, strength and clarity to handle everything in my Life

• I cherish and love all of myself.

• There is nothing I can’t do, be or have.

• I’m a happy, healthy millionaire.

• I am a magnet for Good.

• Divine RIght Action is the order of my day.

• I am open to receiving Abundant Wealth and Health in my Life now.

• I give myself permission to change and allow my Brilliance to shine.

• I am willing to release the need for carbs and sugar in my life. I release it now and trust in the process of life to meet my needs.

• No person, place, or thing has any power over me. I am Free.

• I move beyond my limitations.

• I am Divinely Guided and Protected.

• I choose foods that support Vibrant Health.

• I feel my feelings and do not eat them.

• I express love and attract love wherever I go.

• I now go beyond my old fears and limitations.

• I am gentle with my body and listen to her need for rest and replenishment.

• I am healthy and whole.

• My body heals quickly and effortlessly.

• I am filled with energy.

• I am one with the Power that created me.

• I have within me all the ingredients for success.

• I now allow the success formula to flow through me and manifest in my world.