This is a new development in my business that I did not foresee years ago when I first began my certification training as holistic health coach at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition.

I was told that needed to choose a specific niche and market to that specific subgroup. I understood that perspective given my bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.

So, I chose to work with women in their 30s and 40s that were ready to ditch diets and learn how to release weight without deprivation tactics or hours on the stair climber.

Along the way, over the years, I would meet men seeking support with their health goals and so I would customize programs for them. I wasn’t putting myself “out there” as a men’s health coach but I was helping these men achieve results and word of mouth is truly the best marketing!

man1They would go to their doctors, receive reports from various assessment tests and then didn’t have an idea on how to attain health without meds.

This is the problem with the Western medicine protocol:

A doctor works primarily to pinpoint the causes of symptoms and how to fix them – whether it’s by taking medication or changing diet. But after one or two appointments, the rest is up to you.

I help create and execute long-term plans outside the office and have discovered that more doctors are turning to health coaches who work closely with them to develop specific regimens and goals. Using physical exams, tests, blood work, and medication orders, we keep in touch to ensure patients and clients hit those targets.

I’m thrilled that in 2014, I’m launching three new offerings for male entrepreneurs and corporate business men in their 40s and 50s lose weight, effectively manage stress and increase energy levels. Our sessions are conducted over the phone or Skype so you can live anywhere in the world and all materials are downloadable PDF files. You know you need help but don’t have the TIME. I show you how to make choices in the midst of insane travel and “business making” that support health, vitality and weight loss.

secretsIf you are like most men, you know there are certain steps you could be taking to live a better life. You’ve probably tried self help, dieting, exercise, joined men’s groups or done online dating – in hopes it would make your life better. You may have felt a little better temporarily, but it doesn’t seem to last. Having a happier, more energized life does require some effort, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. And it doesn’t require years, the latest self help craze or the latest fad diet. It simply takes learning the right information, and taking consistent action. It also requires having someone to support you and hold you accountable to reach your goals.

That’s where I come in.

As your coach, I’ll help you create high-level health and natural energy as your foundation and fuel for continued success and contribution. You want to feel better fast and establish sustainable habits that work for your life. You want a custom plan, shortcuts, and accountability to achieve your goals (without sacrificing success, contribution, or fun).

There is a solution, you actually can get help to feel better about your life and create more meaningful relationships. There are good people out there, just like yourself, and you deserve more. Very often they rely too heavily on outside sources for our happiness, but true fulfillment comes first from Building Your Life From The Inside Out.

Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching provides you with practical tools and support to take the steps to create a more fulfilling life – all in one place. You learn what you need to do to start having results now. You also learn how to remove obstacles, both internal and external, that keep getting in the way of your success.

longThe benefits of Lifestyle + Wellness Coaching include:

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • More Energy
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Greater Self-Esteem
  • Better Eating Habits
  • Improved Overall Health
  • A Better Body
  • Improved Confidence
  • Work / Life Satisfaction

What Results Can You Expect?
The Impact In Your BODY Is Profound:

  • Boost Energy + Mental Focus
  • Burn Body Fat + Build Muscle
  • Zap Stress + Sleep Deeply
  • Heal Digestion + Reduce Inflammation
  • Normalize Your Blood Test Results

The Impact In Your LIFE Is Far-Reaching:

  • Get More Done In Less Time
  • Enjoy Sports + Adventure In A Strong, Flexible Body
  • Inspire Others To Get Healthy + Play Big
  • Rock Out In Your Love Life + Sex Life

Seriously, which area of your life won’t be impacted when you are energized, fit, and feeling great? And, when you’re on fire and loving life, it’s much easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Positive momentum takes over your life.

What Are Your Options For Coaching with Athene?


30-Day Up-Level Jumpstart

*Quickly boost energy, fitness + focus
*Initial Personal Health History Evaluation
*Weekly 50-minute sessions
*10 Day Real Food Cleanse
*e-mail support between sessions
*done for you shopping lists and menu plans
*learn my effective equipment free workouts for the hotel or home
*recipes that are healthy, delicious and simple to prepare in downloadable format
*coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
*simple + informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
*my personal commitment to your health and success
*recommended reading list
*bonuses depending upon when you sign up

For questions and decision making support, contact Athene.


3 Month Customized Health Coaching

Choose from 3 program tracks:
1. Weight Loss
2. Relationship + Love
3. Stress-Free Man

*Initial Personal Health History Evaluation
*6 50-minute sessions (2 per month)
*21 Day Real Food Cleanse
*Unlimited e-mail support between sessions (12 hour response window)
*Done for you shopping lists and menu plans
*Recipes that are healthy, delicious and simple to prepare
*Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
*Simple but informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
*My personal commitment to your health and success
*Recommended reading list
*Bonuses depending upon when you sign up

For questions and decision making support, contact Athene.

VIP Transformation Intensive in Santa Monica, California

holistichome*2 Days/One Night of luxurious accommodations just blocks from the water

*All healthy, delicious and nourishing meals, snacks and beverages included for both days

-Complete Holistic Health History Evaluation and Analysis by top rated Beverly Hills doctor
-Review and assessment (muscle testing) of your current supplement protocol
-Cooking Demonstration + Hands On Practice
-Guided Shopping Market Tour with Customized Master Shopping List
-Personalized Menu Plans and Recipes
-Travel Essentials Training: How to Travel without Sabotaging your Healthy Habits
-Essential Oils introduction specifically for Stress and Immune Building
-Dine at LA’s top rated healthy restaurants
-Learn the benefits of food combining
-Private Yoga Lesson with top instructor in Santa Monica
-Review and Assessment of fitness Level
-Stress Management Movement Practice
-Sunset Beach Ride
-Metabolism Boosting Routine
-Meditation + Stress Techniques
-Mastering Restful Sleep without Drugs
-Reiki session
-60 minute massage at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey

For questions and decision making support, contact Athene.