An invitation from Athene and Sarah,
for beautiful, intelligent (yet less than satisfied) single women…

Are you bored by the lack of real romance in your life?
Wondering where have all the good men gone?

Don’t worry, love. We’ve got you covered. See, we’ve found the secrets to feeling happy and healthy in your body, so you can attract all the summer lovin’ you want.

And we’re eager to share our findings with you – the same ones we share with our private clients!
Come away with us for an informative and inspiring evening, where you’ll learn…

  • the key to feeling full (and it’s not about what’s on your plate)
  • exactly WHERE all the good men are (they’re not hiding – promise!)
  • how to receive pleasure at the office (don’t worry, it’s not what you think)
  • what to do to attract high-quality, handsome men (the easy and fun way)
  • the secret to sensual feminine weight loss (ah, yes. this changes everything)

You’ll walk away from our talk with surprisingly powerful yet simple actions you can take immediately to begin feeling healthier and happier in your body so you can attract a hot summer romance THIS summer.

So join us for a special evening of…

“How to Be Healthy and Happy So You Can Attract A Hot Summer Romance”

with Women’s Wellness Expert and Speaker Athene Farmas, CHHC
and Love Coach and Teacher Sarah Jones, CPC ELI-MP

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Athene Farmas helps women shed unwanted weight via the path of Desires, not diets. Her unique philosophy combining pleasure, vitality, and femininity has enabled her to maintain a 20 pound weight loss for over 7 years. |



Sarah Jones, CPC, ELI-MP, helps highly-accomplished women melt into feminine surrender whenever they want. The secrets Sarah’s discovered on the dance floor have allowed her to attract several conscious, adoring men in a matter of months. |