How would your life be better if you were finally free of your food story?  

I create a supportive environment that will enable you to examine all areas of your life that affect your well being.   I have studied all the major dietary theories and use practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in reconnecting with your innate feminine wisdom and sources of pleasure in your life including what you eat.  You will learn to integrate gradual lifestyle choices that rejuvenate, replenish and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

This is where your food story ends and the Love Story can begin.   You will embark on the journey of Self Love and learn ways to make the connection between your emotions and what are you really hungry for?   Together we will  look closely at how the many pieces of your life contribute to the “chapters” of your food story.

Let’s begin the conversation about your unique needs and I how I can help you become more healthy, balanced and feminine~Schedule your free initial consultation with me today!